Our best selling windsifter

The AirStar is the best-selling stationary air classifier from Westeria. 30 years of development resulted in the best windsifter you can imagine.

  • Advantages
    • High throughput of up to 400 m³/h
    • Purest separation into two or three fractions
    • Optimal blow nozzle with 60% higher air jet velocity

AirStar AirStar AirStar

Innovative and compact

Efficient separation

The AirStar uses a unique, patented Westeria system that offers the highest aerodynamic efficiency and allows a throughput of up to 400 m³/h.

The sophisticated design of our air nozzles allows us to produce a precise, uniform airflow for perfect separation results. In doing so, we can achieve a 60% higher core jet speed than comparable air classifiers and even consume less energy.

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The windsifter
for best separation results

Hundreds of customers around the world can confirm that the AirStar delivers what it promises: best separation results, low and easy maintenance, reliable and durable.

The flexible AirStar is available in different versions. Working widths of 1000 – 3000 mm and different sizes of the lightweight material chamber allow the windsifter to be flexibly integrated into any plant. Optionally, our AirLift can be integrated to save space and separate an additional “ultra-light” fraction.

All components of the separator are easily and individually adjustable and accessible to facilitate maintenance. Thanks to the modular design, the machine is easy to customise, can be transported in a space-saving way and can be assembled in just one day.

Your benefit is our innovations
from over 30 years of development.

Accelerator belt

Speeds of up to 3 m/s

Reliable even at high speeds.
Achieve a material throughput of up to 400 m³/h

Electronically positionable

The belt and nozzle can be flexibly aligned.
Reproduce the results from our Tech Center.

Fully automatic belt steering system

Uninterrupted operation and long belt durability
thanks to patented, automatic belt steering.

Separation drum

Shaftless separation drum prevents jamming or winding of material between drum and housing. Gas damper-assisted drum cover provides extra easy maintenance access.

Axleless drum

Prevents jamming or winding of material
between drum and housing

Drum cover

Gas-pressure damper-supported drum cover enables particularly easy
particularly easy and safe maintenance access.

Drum scraper system

The externally integrated spring-loaded drum scraper system
prevents the adhesion of moist materials
side view of two way separtation with AirStar
Two-way separation
side view of three way separtation with AirStar
Three-way separation with integrated AirLift

Extensive field of application

Our air classifiers are used all over the world for various applications: Household waste, plastics, waste wood, minerals, mixed construction waste, waste glass, industrial waste, scrap recycling, and many more.

Technical details

As a market leader, Westeria is in demand worldwide and delivers products reliably, solidly and economically. With us, you get your product individually tailored to your specific requirements - today and in the future.
  • Modular system working widths

    • 1000 mm
    • 1500 mm
    • 2000 mm
    • 2500 mm
    • 3000 mm
  • Length expansion chamber

    • 1485 mm
    • 2970 mm
    • 4455 mm
  • Accelerator belt

    • Speed up to 3 m/s
    • Integrated impact table in the accelerator belt to prevent damage to idlers
    • Fully automatic belt steering system guarantees very long belt service life
  • Options

    • Integrable distribution device DiscSpreader
    • Retrofittable cleaning floor for trickling material

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